Lakeside Curling Club
Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada
  Box 38, Fallis, Alberta T0E 0V0
Phone 780-797-3776 or 587-772-1513

Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada




(Bonspiel Contact - Brian (780) 554-5843)

November 4 & 11, 2016    - Friday Night Drop-In Two-on-Twos ($5)

November 25/26/27 - Modified
(at least 1 female) Mixed ($200 per team+$20 calcuttta) 

January 13/14/15, 2017 - Mens'
($200 per team + $20 calcutta)

January 28, 2017 - Saturday Two-on-Two (Sturling Rules) ($25 p.p.)

February 24/25/26 - Modified (at least 1 female) Mixed ($200 per team+$20 calcutta)

March 11  Saturday Two-on-Two (Sturling Rules apply) ($25 p.p.)


Canadian Curling Association Rules shall be in effect for all games subject to the following house rules, which in the event of any conflict, shall prevail:

In years forward, all dues must be paid before or at the time of the curler’s first game of the season.

A legal team consists of at least 2 regular members of that team and at least one other player.  In the event that a team has only one regular player, that team must forfeit.

A team may consist of 5 players, in which case the 5th can play skip or third.  They must be listed with the Executive prior to the first game.  The 5th player must pay a membership fee if they are not on a regular team already.

In the absence of one regular player, the substitute will throw lead or second rocks.  If two regular players are away, the spare shall play the lead and second positions, unless he/she is designated as a 5th.

All games must be played as scheduled or be rescheduled if possible. 
Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, those who cancel a game = 0 unless rescheduled and played.

Leagues games shall be 8 ends.  The Four Rock Rule applies.

Grievances or protests must be in writing to the Executive for consideration and ruling by the Executive.

Updated: Feb. 2017

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